Welcome to Pandly, an NFT project where 9 998 unique digital pandas await to be discovered. Each Pandly is a work of art, a combination of traits and rarities that make every piece one-of-a-kind. Pandly is born from a fraternal partnership. Bridging our unique strengths, my brother Akil lays the strategy while I, as the illustrator, paint our vision into existence.
The journey began with a sketchpad and a dream. The intricate process of drawing each trait was just the first step. We're now starting to dive into development of the website and smart contract to ensure a seamless minting experience. Our commitment extends beyond the art to the very code that will bring Pandly to life. From web development to smart contract coding, every step is taken with precision and passion.
Also, marketing and communication being the lifeblood of any launch. We're strategizing our future campaings to ensure Pandly resonates with the community.
Our vision is clear: offer a mint that rewards early supporters and believers in our project.
Hyperlapse at project startup (I use an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil now 😆)
As the drawer I've poured my heart into every pixel, crafting 26 backgrounds, 10 fur colors, 49 outfits, 32 hats, 23 mouths, 19 eyes, and 15 eyewear options, ensuring a rich diversity in our collection. With over 100 million possible combinations, each Pandly is a digital tapestry woven from a diverse palette of traits meticulously hand-drawn by me. From 26 distinct backgrounds to a myriad of accessories, each element carries a level of rarity, contributing to the uniqueness of every Pandly.
While Pandly is still under wraps, we're excited to share a glimpse of the vibrant backgrounds that will set the stage for our pandas. This showcase will give you a taste of the Pandly universe.
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