I'm Ulysse Zyberaj, an enthusiast of the creative and the innovative. My journey began with a love for hands-on activities like painting and drawing, which has evolved into a passion for digital illustration.
My curiosity spans philosophy, politics, history, and the future, a blend of interests that informs my worldview and fuels my creative endeavours. I find joy in merging my vocational skills with my personal passions.
Artistic creation is the heartbeat of my life. I thrive on bringing new ideas to life with beauty and precision. I'm on the spectrum and I navigate the world with a unique lens, finding strength and inspiration in the nuances that my perspective brings.
My muses range from the entrepreneurial spirit of Elon Musk to the creative genius of Kanye West. And when it comes to unwinding, you'll find me revisiting House of Cards once again.
My journey began with a pencil in hand and a world of imagination. As a child, I was deeply engrossed in manual activities—drawing, creating, painting, and pottery. Video games like Dofus, Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome and Ratchet & Clank, manga, and anime, particularly Dragon Ball Z and Naruto, were my gateways to storytelling and visual artistry. My first encounter with the internet opened up a universe I've never left since, and Apple's impeccable design in products from Macs to iPods left a lasting impression at that time, fueling my appreciation for sleek design and flawless functionality. I remember, at the time, asking Santa robots like the Robosapien for Christmas, which were more than toys; they were a glimpse into a future I wanted to be part of.
As a teenager, the gift of my first iPhone was a turning point. It wasn't just a device; it was a puzzle I was determined to solve. Jailbreaking it was the start of my deep dive into the capabilities of technology. This even led me to set up a small phone repair business from middle school to high school. My explorations on the internet brought me to Tor and the 'darknet', where amidst its hidden corners, I discovered cryptocurrencies. Investing my savings into this new form of currency was challenging (as I was a minor with no credit card) but rewarding, as it laid the foundation for a significant capital that would later led me into stock investments and a lifelong engagement with the crypto world.
Eager to earn my independence, I delved into the workforce as soon as I could, starting as a fishmonger—a job that taught me the richness of hard work and human interaction. My academic path led me to a business school aiming for a master's degree, but after three and a half years and a bachelor's degree, I realized that wealth management wasn't my calling. Instead, I seized an opportunity at Virginia Immobilier, stepping into a role that perfectly married communication with development. Here, I've professionalized our communication strategies and integrated them into the company's growth.
Outside of work, my personal projects and passions take center stage. With my brother, I co-created Pandly, an NFT project that allows me to indulge in iPad illustrations and maintain my connection with the blockchain. In my free time, I'm either reading, crafting memes, diving into audiobooks and podcasts, or learning new skills like mastering a new software or programming in C as I do now.
And that brings us to today—a culmination of a life driven by passion, learning, and the pursuit of creating something meaningful. Whether it's through my professional role or personal projects, I'm always looking to blend enjoyment with innovation, ensuring that every step I take is in the direction of growth, creativity, and the future I've always envisioned.
Whether you have a project in mind, a question about my work, or simply want to share insights, reach out to me.
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